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The Tallysman TW1500 employs their unique Accutenna technology in a low cost dual feed, passive Left Hand Circularly Polarised antenna (LHCP) for the 1610 to 1620 MHz frequency band, specifically designed to maximise the performance of the Globalstar™  STU (Simplex Transmit Unit) modems.


The TW2500 features a high performance dual- feed patch element that provides great axial ratio (3 dB max) over the entire Globalstar™ frequency band, thus signals at the band edges remain truly circular, unlike the response of single feed antennas.


The TW2500 is housed in a compact, industrial- grade weather-proof, magnet mount enclosure, with threaded base holes for screw down attach. It is available with a 50 cm cable, allowing for the STU modem to be mounted out of the elements and reach, and still providing excellent Globalstar™ signal coverage.


  • Higher success rates for Globalstar™ STU transmissions
  • Sea & Land Container Tracking
  • Military & Security
  • Fleet Management & Asset Tracking
  • Marine & Avionics Systems
  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety

TW2500 Magnet Mount Antenna

SKU: 32-2500-2-yyyy
  • Antenna

    Architecture:   Dual, quadrature feeds
    Antenna Gain (100mm ground plane):   4.25dBic

    Axial Ratio (over full bandwidth):   ≤3dB
    1.0 dB Bandwidth:   1600MHz to 1630MHz


    Architecture:   Dual Feed Patch -> Hybrid 90° Combiner

    Polarization:   LHCP

    VSWR (at antenna):   <1.5:1

    Return Loss (-10 dB bandwidth):   <-20MHz

    ESD Circuit protection:   15KV air discharge


    Mechanicals & Environmental 

    Mechanical Size:   35mm dia. x 7.25mm

    Cable: 1.38mm OD, 15cm. Custom lengths optional

    Operating Temp. Range: -40°C to +85°C

    Weight:  30g

    Attachment Method:   Adhesive or M2 screw mount

    Environmental:   RoHS compliant

    Shock:   Vertical axis: 50G, other axes: 30G

    Vibration: 3 axis, sweep = 15 min, 10 to 200Hz sweep: 3G

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