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Radio Systems Providing Global Coverage in Land, Sea, Air and Space!

sci_Zone provides a range of communications tools and integrated systems utilizing our cloud based architecture providing vehicle and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions for sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT), tracking, monitoring, and system control applications.  LinkStar is a complete satellite radio system powered by Globalstar™, the world’s most modern satellite network.

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Full Duplex Communications

LinkStar is a complete duplex satellite radio system powered by Globalstar, the world’s most modern satellite network. The heart of the LinkStar radio system is the Globalstar GSP-1720 that provides Direct Connect Internet, Dial-up Internet or Remote Terminated Data sessions and asynchronous computer to computer connectivity. Whether mobile or stationary, the GSP-1720 helps you monitor, control or track assets remotely through the Globalstar satellite network – affordably, reliably and with low-power requirements.

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Global Packet Data Coverage

The LinkStar-STX3 is a low cost, simplex module which sends one- way data messages via the Globalstar Simplex Network from almost anywhere in the world when integrated into a tracking or monitoring device. The LinkStar-STX3 is ideal for delivering remote sensing, tracking and monitoring applications on the ground, unmanned drones, near space and in low Earth Orbit.

The ONLY FCC Part 25 and Globalstar Certified STX3 System!



Global Coverage For Your Satellite In
Low Earth Orbit

Our flight proven LinkStar radio systems allow you to communicate with your satellite beyond the line-of-site of your ground station, providing robust global communications.  With the LinkStar duplex radio system your satellite becomes a node on the internet.  The LinkStar-STX3 is the only Globalstar STX3 packet radio module with optional external antenna for use in space.  All LinkStar radios are complete systems with antenna and can connect with a wide range of sensors and devices.  Customers can also add the optional NovAtel OEM 719 GPS for space use requiring no additional software or wiring harnesses!

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LinkStar - complete radio systems allowing your vehicles, containers, and equipment to communicate with minimal effort!

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