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  • Does the LinkStar-STX3 send messages automatically?
    Yes! Once powered on the LinkStar-STX3 will immediately begin to broadcast packet messages to your account.
  • Can I power the LinkStar-STX3 with only the USB cord?
    The LinkStar-STX3-ME and LinkStar-STX3-MI models can be powered with the USB cord, however they will NOT be able to broadcast any packets. There is not sufficient power to drive the BeagleBone Black computer and the LinkStar-STX3 module.
  • Can I use the LinkStar-STX3 indoors?
    You can, however it is highly unlikely any messages will reach the Globalstar satellite in space. To insure all messages reach the Globalstar network, you need to be outdoors with a clear view of the sky.
  • What do you mean a "clear view of the sky"?"
    Clear view means trees, buildings and other structures or objects are not interfering with the line of site between the LinkStar-STX3 antennas and the satellites in space receiving the data. Messages may be received from the LinkStar-STX3 when next to trees or tall buildings, however the chances any messages will be received from the Globalstar network will be reduced.
  • Does the LinkStar-STX3 work without the GPS?
    No - without the GPS, the LinkStar-STX3 will not broadcast any messages. The GPS is used to determine what channel the radio can broadcast on based on its location. Without the GPS, the LinkStar-STX3 cannot figure out where it is and will not be able to figure out what channel to broadcast on. No channel - no message sent. If the GPS is on, but cannot determine the LinkStar-STX3's location, the LinkStar-STX3 will not transmit any messages.
  • How do I directly communicate with the LinkStar-STX3?
    The easiest way is through the USB cord that came with your system. First, make sure the USB cord internally is connected to the BeagleBone Black that came with your LinkStar-STX3 system. Connect the other end to your Macintosh or Windows PC compatible computer. Next you need to insure you have the correct drivers for your Macintosh or Windows PC compatible computer. Go to for the correct drivers. Once connected and the drivers are installed you can communicate with the LinkStar-STX3 through Safari, Chrome, or Firefox (Internet Explorer will NOT work). With your USB cord connected between the computer and the LinkStar-STX3 radio go to on your browser and login (username: Admin password: quicksat1). Explore!
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