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Satellite Transmitter and System For CubeSats

The LinkStar-STX3-PC104 satellite radio is the next generation in simplex based communications powered by Globalstar™, the world’s most modern satellite network.  The LinkStar-STX3-PC104 a complete radio system that supports the standard CubeSat bus.  Included with the system is a modified BeagleBone Black™ computer with the QuickSAT/VMS flight management system and either the NovAtel™ OEM719 for space with COCOM restrictions removed or the AdaFruit Ultimate GPS.


The LinkStar-STX3-PC104 provides opportunities to integrate satellite connectivity into products used for vehicle and asset tracking, remote data reporting and data logger reporting that have limited size requirements.  Affordable pricing and low power consumption make the LinkStar-STX3-PC104 satellite transmitter system a highly efficient device ready for integration in a wide variety of applications. 

Advantages and Features

• CubeSat bus interface

• Plug and play GPS interface

• Global coverage 

• Low power consumption

• Increases reliability through multiple transmissions

• BeagleBone PC104 cape designed to work with the BeagleBone Black, allowing for immediate development, testing, and use!

 • Development APIs for the STX3 module, GPS, I2C interface and other components and network interfaces!

• Surface mount design - custom boards can easily developed to meet a range of demanding applications.

• Versatile use: LinkStar-STX3-PC104 can be integrated for use in a wide range of applications including CubeSats, near space payloads, cars, trucks, boats and sea or land containers 


The LinkStar-STX3 uses the Globalstar STX3 module, a low cost, simplex module which sends one-way data messages via the Globalstar Simplex Network when integrated into a tracking or monitoring device. The LinkStar-STX3 is ideal for delivering remote sensing, tracking and monitoring applications on the ground, in the air, near space and in Low Earth Orbit.

Coverage Map (dark areas)

In Space, coverage area is near global!

Download the LinkStar-STX3-PC104 data sheet for more information

Download the LinkStar-TRK data sheet for more information

LinkStar-STX3-PC104 Includes QuickSAT/VMS - a complete system to manage and monitor your satellite.  Test Like You Fly!!!

OrbitTrack ScreenSM.png

Gateway Window

See your messages, radio status, and GPS data including satellite location and speed (with optional NovAtel OEM719)l

LinkStar Plotting.png

Data Window

See all your data - sensors and GPS!  Your data is presented in tabular form and graphically with a range of plotting tools.  You can also output your results to Excel, PDF, jpg, png, and CSV formats!

Development Environment


Modified Industrial BeagleBone Black


Debian Linux, QuickSAT/VMS, MySQL, Apache, PHPMYADMIN, Python, PHP, Javascipt, HTML5, C, C++, Bash


4 GB plus microSD port


Cubesat Bus interface.  Support for serial connections, I2C, switched and un-switched power


I2C (2), USB, UARTS (3), GPIO (32), GND,  Analog In (7), 3.3V


STX3, GPS (NMEA) AdaFruit and NovAtel 6XX and 7XX series, Serial Communications, I2C, BMP Sensor


View data stored in the on board database through the QuickSAT/VMS interface


CSV, Excel, SQL, PDF


Plot up to 4 numerical valued measurements including GPS data on one graph.  Export graphs to PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG

Order Today!

For use anywhere!

A complete radio system with STX3 radio module, computer, case, GPS, and antennas. Get operational on your project immediately!

Unit can be used on the ground, at sea, and in the air to over 100,000'!




Precision tracking with the NovAtel OEM719

The LinkStar-STX3 is paired with the accurate and powerful NovAtel OEM719 GNSS.  Precision to 4 cm!  Excellent for field use and development.  Package can be upgraded for space use (extra charges apply).  




Global coverage in LEO, Cubesat Bus Support

Global coverage for your satellite in Low Earth Orbit! PC104 form factor and supports cubesat bus. Price includes FCC certification, system testing and 2 months free unlimited messaging in space!




for space use

Precision tracking in space from anywhere in orbit!

Global coverage plus precise tracking in space! Position AND orbital elements will be known within 30 minutes from ANYWHERE in orbit! Includes FCC license, system testing, and 2 months free unlimited messaging!



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