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The Tallysman TW1500 employs their unique Accutenna technology in a low cost dual feed, passive Left Hand Circularly Polarised antenna (LHCP) for the 1610 to 1620 MHz frequency band, specifically designed to maximise the performance of the Globalstar™  STU (Simplex Transmit Unit) modems.


The wideband dual feed patch element in the TW1500 has an excellent axial ratio across the entire GlobalstarTM bandwidth. Unlike single feed antennas, the TW1500 provides excellent multipath rejection and a truly circular transmission response across the Globalstar™ band.


The TW1500 includes a built-in 35mm circular ground plane but best performance is obtained with this augmented with a local system ground plane or reflecting surface (DC connection not required).


TW1500 antennas are easily detuned by the local environment. Tallysman offers custom tuning services for optimized integration into custom end-user modules.



  • Higher success rates for Globalstar™ STU transmissions

  • Sea & Land Container Tracking

  • Military & Security

  • Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

  • Marine & Avionics Systems

  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety

TW1500 Dual Feed Antenna

SKU: 33-1500-xx-yyyy-1001
  • Antenna

    Architecture:   Dual, quadrature feeds
    Antenna Gain (100mm ground plane):   4.25dBic

    Axial Ratio (over full bandwidth):   ≤3dB
    1.0 dB Bandwidth:   1600MHz to 1630MHz


    Architecture:   Dual Feed Patch -> Hybrid 90° Combiner

    Polarization:   LHCP

    VSWR (at antenna):   <1.5:1

    Return Loss (-10 dB bandwidth):   <-20MHz

    ESD Circuit protection:   15KV air discharge


    Mechanicals & Environmental

    Mechanical Size:   35mm dia. x 7.25mm

    Cable: 1.38mm OD, 15cm. Custom lengths optional

    Operating Temp. Range: -40°C to +85°C

    Weight:  30g

    Attachment Method:   Adhesive or M2 screw mount

    Environmental:   RoHS compliant

    Shock:   Vertical axis: 50G, other axes: 30G

    Vibration: 3 axis, sweep = 15 min, 10 to 200Hz sweep: 3G

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