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Looking to combine the power of both duplex communications and the STX3 into one package with the NovAtel OEM719 GPS?  Then this development platform is for you!  This model brings together full duplex communications for full command and control plus data download and upload with the power of the LinkStar-STX3 providing secure, reliable steady beaconing of data including system health and providing "Alarm" features, plus NovAtel OEM719 GPS for accurate tracking.

This model includes the GSP-1720, LinkStar-STX3, Industrial BeagleBone Black, NovAtel OEM719 GPS, all the necessary antennas, supporting software, necessary cables, and A/C adapter.  You will be able to immediately be able to start developing and messaging with your system.


LinkStar duplex component is a complete duplex satellite radio system powered by Globalstar™, the world’s most modern satellite network.  The heart of the LinkStar radio system is the Globalstar GSP-1720 that provides Direct Connect Internet, Dial-up Internet or Remote Terminated Data sessions and asynchronous computer to computer connectivity for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications.  These options provide communication lines with land, marine, air, near space, and space-based equipment, while complementing mobile and stationary field solutions.  

The LinkStar-STX3 module is a complete "radio system" for system monitoring and asset tracking. 


Both the LinkStar-STX3 and GSP-1720 are integrated with the Industrial BeagleBone Black through QuickSAT/VMS software which drives both communications system together providing seamless use and integration.  The QuickSAT/VMS web interface is used to activate the radio system plus development APIs are provided to access the radios, record and transmit user specific data, and GPS access.

Unit is FCC Part 25 certified (2ANKS-LINKSTAR-STX3) and Globalstar certified to use with a range of SMA connected antennas up to 4.55 dB.

User must purchase separate data plans to activate both the GSP-1720 and the LinkStar-STX3.

LinkStar Duplex/STX3/OEM719 for Space

SKU: LS-DUP-STX3-719-1001